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Will This Be The Week?

Monday July 18 2016
No 47

The parties have been making some progress at the bargaining table, but we still have many key issues that need to be addressed. Will this be the week we start to see movement on the major demands that we still need to achieve? Only time will tell.

The Next Step

Over the weekend, the bulletins provided you with updates on some of the priority issues that must be resolved. This week, we must push hard on Canada Post to get these union priorities settled. The agenda must be focused on our demands and the improvements that all of us deserve. The Negotiating Committee will be meeting with Canada Post and the mediators on a regular basis as we try to move these negotiations forward at a faster pace. These are complex issues and our Negotiating Committee will remain focussed and determined so that we achieve the collective agreements that we deserve.

Today’s News

Today we met with CPC and continued to work on finalizing the issues that we are close on. We continued to review and correct the language in the various proposals.

Show Them That We Are Ready

This has been a long process but the end could be in sight. We have shown Canada Post that our solidarity is strong, that we are united and determined to support our demands. We will continue with the same messages, the same work floor activities and the same solidarity and strength that brought us to this point in the process. We are ready for fair collective agreements that have been freely-negotiated, contain no rollbacks and provide all postal workers with the wages, working conditions, health and safety protections and equality we deserve.

Will Fight for What is Right! – Good Collective Agreements for All of Us

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit