Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

Projet Intégration Sociale des Enfants Handicapés en Milieu Scolaire (PISEHMS)

isehmsProjet Intégration Sociale des Enfants Handicapés en Milieu Scolaire (PISEHMS) (academic mainstreaming) (project for the social integration of differently-abled children within the academic mainstream)

School-based child care staff support

  • Technical information (funding, allowances, entitlement, etc.);
  • Documentation and information on handicaps (autism, dysphasia, developmentally-challenged, physical, visual, hearing, etc.);
  • Implementing appropriate method;
  • Supporting cooperation between parents and child-care providers, including meetings on the intervention plan;
  • Observing the child and identifying his or her needs, as well as strategies to ensure maximum development. Training workshops;
  • Customized training;
  • Training on disabilities, adapting activities, awareness-building, intervention plan, etc.

Of special interest: Services are free and a copy of their publications is given to parents and school-based child care services.

Resource Details:
Topic Area: Education, support and information for parents
Type: Website
Source/Organization: Community action program aimed at children and parents at risk (PACE). Subsided by the Canadian Public Health Agency. Not-for-profit organization.
Geographic Focus: Québec
Language: Bilingual (French and English)
Purpose: Aimed at all school-based childcare services in Quebec that can or already do accommodate one or more children, whatever their needs. Provides these services free of charge (support, training and awareness-building) to improve the quality of community li
Date reviewed: January 2013