Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

October is LD Awareness Month

Let’s “make it matter”

October is Learning Disabilities (LDs) Awareness Month across Canada! What does that mean? It means that during the month of October, the national network of learning disabilities services providers will draw attention to this widespread disability by generating grassroot activities that will raise Canadian awareness of learning disabilities and the challenges faced by these individuals and their families.

LDAC’s strategic plan mandated by its national board in 2006 is very clear: Make LD Matter! By increasing awareness and concern among the broader public – in other words, building a broader constituency of support, we’ve got to go beyond simple awareness of LD – to making people care.

Why? According to the 2006 Participation and Activity Limitation Survey (PALS) from Statistics Canada, more children in this country have a learning disability than all other types of disabilities combined.

Among Canadians aged 15 and over, learning disabilities increased considerably between 2001 and 2006 by almost 40 per cent to 631,000 people, making it one of the fastest growing types of disabilities in Canada that isn’t related to aging. Stats Canada

October is LD Awareness Month is about encouraging our network to ‘make LD matter’ and encouraging everyone in the learning disabilities community to make time during October to share with the public what it is they do and how it contributes to the overall well-being of the community. It’s that simple.

Learning disabilities are a neurological condition that interferes with a person’s ability to store, process, or produce information. It’s a life long condition that affects one in ten Canadians with average or above average intelligence. LDs come in many forms and affect people with varying levels of severity. Regardless of age, race, creed, social or economic status, you probably will be touched directly or indirectly by someone with LDs.

How to Participate in LD Awareness Month

GET INVOLVED. Throughout the month of October, all national and provincial/territorial Learning Disabilities Associations, and chapters and the thousands of professionals involved with learning disabilities will be hard at work organizing local events and participating in activities that will introduce Canadians to learning disabilities.

From researchers to teachers and practitioners everyone involved in the learning disabilities field is encouraged to organize local public education and outreach activities.

GET INVOLVED. As a family member, a parent, a neighbour or as a member of the general public, you are encouraged to attend local public education and outreach activities in your community to increase your knowledge about learning disabilities. Let’s Make it Matter!!