Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

Our Advisors

Roberta Morris


Roberta M., a Special Needs Project Advisor in Ontario. Roberta has been an Advisor for the Special Needs Project since June 1998. Roberta worked as a day care consultant when she heard about the Project and the need for Advisors in Ontario. After she contacted the Special Needs Project office, Roberta went through an interview and screening process. Soon she became the ‘Advisor’ to eight member families from Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec. Seven years later Roberta continues with the Project, providing support and resources to eighteen families!

For Roberta, the best part of being an Advisor is the ongoing contact with families. Roberta enjoys the chance to get to know the families and to hear about their child’s progress and change. She is delighted when families let her know that a contact she suggested worked out for them!

As an Advisor to families in different parts of Ontario, Roberta learned how varied services are in urban and rural parts of the province. In smaller communities, families may be more isolated and have greater distances to travel for services. Working with members in three provinces, Roberta expanded her knowledge of programs in different parts of the country. The Project “widens the horizons” of Roberta’s perspective of Canada.

These days, Roberta works full time as a Program Coordinator for a family visiting program. This program assists families who have children with special needs. Outside of her busy job, she works on planning for her passion in life: travel. Roberta’s passport includes stamps from Hong Kong, Morocco, Thailand and Israel. She also enjoys reading, especially Canadian authors.

Roberta enjoys her work with the Special Needs Project, and appreciates its uniqueness and the support it offers to members. To all the members she phones, Roberta extends her appreciation for their patience and flexibility in arranging those telephone interviews. Roberta also thanks Gail and Dorothy for all of their resourcefulness, hard work and support!